Lake 31 - South Cerney Parish Council dismayed at CDC

posted 15 Nov 2011, 12:39 by Philip Nicholas   [ updated 16 Nov 2011, 06:17 ]
9 November: South Cerney Parish Council passed a unanimous resolution deploring the failure of Cotswold District Council to take action against Watermark over the planning permission breach caused by excessive infilling at Lake 31.  Questions were asked as to why CDC allowed the breach to continue, despite being clearly warned of the ongoing situation by local parish and district councillors and residents.  It was agreed that there is now a profound lack of confidence in the ability of CDC to enforce such planning conditions, or to admonish its officers for not performing their duty.  Moreover, no assurances have been given that steps are being taken to prevent it happening again.  It was suggested that Cllr Mrs Jepson should consider resigning as Chairman of CDC planning committee, in the light of the total failure of the planning department to deal effectively with the situation, allowing it to continue until  deemed too late to take any effective action.  Cllr Bennett agreed to pass on the Parish Council’s request.