South Cerney Parish Council decries CDC approach re Cllr Jenkins

posted 13 Feb 2012, 02:52 by Philip Nicholas

At its meeting on 8th February, South Cerney Parish Council passed a resolution stating that it felt the action taken by Cotswold District Council against Cllr Jenkins had been disproportionate and excessive. It had given the appearance of arrogant complacency over the real issues that concerned local residents.  The Parish Council had complete faith in Cllr Jenkins, and it was agreed that the Standards Board episode had been a disproportionate over-reaction, the outcome having brought the District Council into disrepute and ridicule.  There had been an absence of proper leadership by senior CDC officers, with no apparent attempt having been made at mediation. The Parish Council wished to ask the District Council how much the Jenkins hearing had cost the taxpayer, and felt that it had wasted money on “shooting the messenger” instead of addressing the underlying issues.

Philip Nicholas,
13 Feb 2012, 03:34