Public Meeting - Somerford Keynes Village Hall - 26th March

posted 1 Apr 2010, 12:37 by Cotswold Lakes Group
The meeting was very well attended, and the audience were permitted to raise some of their questions and concerns with the panel, including:
- the financial state of the Society
- public access to Keynes Country Park
- proposed gravel extraction near Shorncote
- financial structure of the Society
- the management of the Society
- subletting of Keynes Country Park
- the accountability of the Society
- membership of the Society
- accounting failures of the Society
- future consultation with local residents
However, many came away feeling that further questions need to be asked, and that some serious issues remain.
The meeting was chaired by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, who largely succeeded in keeping proceedings orderly.  Moreover, he obtained the following assurances from the panel:

- that the Society had recently reached a more secure financial position;

- that the Society accepted it had been poor in communicating with local Parishes;

- that the full accounts of the Society's subsiduary, the Cotswold Water Park Estates & Rangers Services Ltd, would be made public shortly;

- that wider membership of the Society would be considered;

- that the application for registered Public Rights of Way in and around Keynes Country Park would be expedited.

The panel comprised:

Cllr Shaun Parsons - Gloucestershire County Council -

Chairman, Cotswold Water Park Joint Committee
Brian Atfield - Chairman, Cotswold Water Park Society 
Dennis Grant - Chief Executive, CWP Society

Nick Hanson - Director of Finance & Strategy, CWP Society