Cotswold Water Park Society update September 2010

posted 10 Sept 2010, 07:27 by Cotswold Lakes Group

As you no doubt will have seen in the local press, the past few months have witnessed some difficult times for the Cotswold Water Park Society.

I am pleased to say that thanks to the hard work and dedication of the remaining members of staff that the Society has not only survived the turmoil but has turned a corner and has started the process of becoming a clearer, more transparent and accountable organisation. There is a real determination to succeed and to grow, and to be the organisation which will help to make a difference for the wildlife, people and businesses of the Cotswold Water Park.

At this pivotal point in the Society’s existence, we must recognise this as a great opportunity to undertake a thorough review of the Society’s purpose, and to ensure that our work is of benefit to all in the Cotswold Water Park.  Looking back to when the organisation was formed, the Society was set up to try and achieve a balance between development, recreation and nature conservation within the Cotswold Water Park, through:

·         Achieving greater provision of appropriate public access.

·         Promotion of the area through cohesive marketing, public events and education.

·         Conserve and improve the landscape through appropriate restoration of mineral workings.

·         Work towards the creation, conservation and management of wildlife habitats

In the past, the Society has not been wholly successful in communicating these aims clearly, and ensuring that people are informed of the good work which has been carried out. We are keen to improve and to make significant changes to the structure of the organisation, and to the way the Society is managed in order to become more effective.

We really need to seek wider opinion about these changes, and therefore we are asking all those with an interest in the area if they can give us comments and feedback relating to the proposed changes. A short questionnaire is being sent out to all parish clerks, and will also be available online.  The more people who contribute to this process the better, so if you know of other people who may be keen to comment, please let them know.

All comments and suggestions received will be taken into account and a public meeting will be held in October at which the Society will present the proposed changes.

Please return as many responses by 30th September as possible. The deadline is 13h October for consideration before the public meeting.

The questionnaire can be found at or send an email to requesting a hard copy.

Matthew Millett

Acting Joint Chief Executive

Cotswold Water Park Society